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Enervex Exhaust Fans

There are a variety of reasons why a fireplace might be allowing smoke to enter your living space, or why you might be experiencing problems with downdrafts. There are also a variety of approaches to solving those problems. One particularly helpful solution is to have an Enervex chimney exhaust fan installed by CSIA-certified Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps.

An exhaust fan creates consistent, dependable draft and allows your chimney to do the work it was designed to do, even if other circumstances in the home have been causing ongoing draft problems (if, for example, other fans or vents have been competing with your chimney for air).

Proper draft is important – it is draft that pulls the dangerous byproducts of combustion (from high heat to toxic gases) up and out of your chimney and your home. An optimum level of draft helps keep your heating appliance working efficiently, and makes your home safer.

How Will An Enervex Chimney Fan Help
My Chimney?

Enervex chimney fans will help your chimney get the air it needs to function the way it was designed to function. An appliance that’s working with an adequate amount of air for combustion can achieve a more consistent (and cleaner) burn, more complete combustion and a greater level of performance.

Enervex’s chimney fans have other benefits, too. If you’ve experienced issues with downdrafts and odors, running an Enervex fan can eliminate those issues. And don’t worry — they use minimal power, so running an Enervex fan regularly won’t be a huge energy drain.

Enervex: Industry-Leading Design For Decades

Previously known as Exhausto, Georgia-based Enervex had been a major player in the hearth industry for more than 20 years. The company has broadened beyond fireplace and stove venting products, now offering draft solutions for a wide variety of business and home needs (from water heaters and boilers to dryers). Even though they’ve spread their roots to other areas, their fireplace and chimney products remain some of the industry’s best.

A lot of Enervex’s business is commercial — their exhaust fans are installed in condominium buildings, resorts, and shops, where smoke-free gas and wood-burning stove and fireplace use is an absolute must. These products stand up remarkably well to the needs of dozens of fireplaces in high-rise condos, and they’ll offer the same exemplary performance in your home.

Enervex’s Eco-Conscious Approach

Enervex’s emphasis on eco-friendly products has been a mainstay of their business, underlined by the tagline, “Green Before Green Was In.” A strong focus on energy efficiency remains a major factor of Enervex designs, and their products have long been manufactured using 75 percent recycled aluminum. The company is also a member if the U.S. Green Building Council.

Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps can help your chimney achieve optimum draft by installing a dependable Enervex exhaust fan. Call us today or click here to schedule an appointment online and let us show you how we can “Bless Your Hearth”!


Just imagine how much pleasure you could get from the addition of an outdoor fireplace to your outdoor living space. Consult with our technicians about this and other units for your situation.

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