You are cleaning out the fireplace after a long winter of burning fires in your fireplace.  You see that the mortar is loose or cracked and the back wall of the fireplace looks deteriorated.   The firebox, where you build your fires, is the part of your chimney system that gets the most use. However, it probably gets little attention except to remove ashes and sweep it out occasionally.  

Did you know that that dirty fireplace is probably one of the most important things about your fireplace system that keeps your house from burning down?  Think about it. How safe is it really to build a fire smack dab in the middle of a pile of sticks (2 x 4’s). That firebox keeps the fire you build in the middle of the house securely in its place.  If it fails, the result can be disastrous. 

The Design…

Design has a lot to do with many firebox problems.  If a firebox is built with inferior or incorrect materials or even shaped incorrectly, it won’t be able to perform its intended purpose.  

  • It may not keep the fire securely;
  • It may not vent the smoke efficiently;
  • It may not radiate heat into the room;
  • It may transfer too much heat to nearby combustible building materials.

When built correctly, the firebox should prevent heat transfer to the building materials, draft the exhaust up and out of the chimney, and radiate heat into your living area.

What to expect…

Over time, even if built properly, the firebox will deteriorate.  The brick can weaken or loosen with repeated heating and cooling, or if overfired on a regular basis.  If the chimney experiences a lot of water intrusion, water can weaken the refractory mortar between the firebrick.   Firebox damage can be minimized when you schedule annual chimney inspections.  During inspections, your technician will document any deterioration and monitor it annually.   Regular maintenance can interrupt serious issues and help you get as many years as possible from your fireplace before a rebuild will be necessary.

Schedule Spring Services Now…

If your fireplace’s time has come, Spring is a great time to have your firebox rebuilt.   Consider it an investment in the future and securing the value of your home. Rebuilding a deteriorated or badly designed firebox will keep your chimney system working efficiently, help to keep your family safe, and ensure many warm fuzzy winter evenings with loved ones.  

Spring scheduling will also allow you plenty of time if you’d like a fireplace upgrade.  Perhaps you’ve been considering completely new, efficient (heat producing) fireplace design.  Do it now and still be ready for next burning season. Schedule in Spring to avoid the Fall crunch, allow time for the rebuild, an inspection, and any necessary repairs to the rest of your system.

We are experienced.  At Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps|Bless Your Hearth, our lead masons have over 30 years of experience.  Not only are we determined to give you a finished product you’ll love, but we are determined to work to a standard that would make our Granddaddies proud.  

Call Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps|Bless Your Hearth today to have your fireplace system inspected and readied for next year’s cozy hearth experiences.