We Can Address Your Chimney Deterioration

Your chimney system was designed to stand up to years of use and years of weather abuse. Nevertheless, inadequate maintenance, poor repairs, and exposure to the elements can lead to chimney deterioration over time.

The biggest contributor to chimney deterioration is water. Water will find the tiniest weaknesses in a chimney system and exploit them, leading to bigger problems, more widespread damage, and the need for more involved repairs.

Some Ways Water Leads To Chimney Deterioration

Masonry chimneys are generally built out of water-permeable brick and mortar, and it’s natural for these materials to take in a certain amount of water. However, over time, as the masonry begins to age and deteriorate, it can start absorbing excessive amounts of water. Excess water that is absorbed can soak through and seep into the flue, running down the interior of the chimney into the fireplace. Additionally, the water that’s inside of the masonry can expand when temperatures drop, and constrict as it thaws, causing the bricks to crack and crumble. Water can also wear away at the mortar joints (both on the interior and the exterior of the chimney), leaving them unable to provide proper support or protection.

Metal certainly isn’t immune to the effects of water, either. On the exterior of chimneys, metal chimney chase covers and flashing can corrode and rust, leaving those areas of your system at risk. On the interior, water intrusion can rust cast iron dampers parts or appliances (gas log systems, wood or gas inserts).

Different types of deterioration require different types of repair. But Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps’ technicians can help return your deteriorated chimney to the best version of itself, whether you need part replacement, areas of tuckpointing, or a fully rebuilt chimney.

The Type Of Repair Needed Depends On A Chimney’s Level Of Deterioration

Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps’ technicians will recommend the most effective chimney repair approach, based on the type of disrepair and extent of damage to your system.

Repair services can include tuckpointing, which is the detailed and careful process of grinding out damaged, deteriorated mortar and replacing with fresh mortar. Repair can also include replacing spalling bricks or the construction of a new, well-designed chimney crown.

If your chimney has deteriorated to a point where repairs can’t bring it back to the level of structural viability that’s needed, the chimney many need to be rebuilt. A detailed inspection from Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps’ technicians will give you a clear and honest look at the state of your chimney system, and what it needs in order to stand strong and perform properly.

Let Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps “Bless Your Hearth”

If your chimney is deteriorating and needs to be repaired or restored, or if you’d like to know more about how to prevent deterioration, give Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps a call, or click here!


Problems inside your chimney may point to a need for lining or relining. Our trained technicians can determine if you need this type of chimney repair and advise you on the different options you have.