CrownSeal/CrownCoat Water Repellent Protects Your Chimney

If we were to compare a chimney to a soldier vigilantly protecting your home, ChimneySaver Water Repellent might be its armor, and the combination of the chimney crown and chimney cap would form its helmet. Together, they work to keep the chimney safe against its worst enemy: water.

Your chimney crown is constructed out of masonry material. But not all masonry materials are created equal. It is meant to be made of a concrete material, however many of today’s modern chimneys are topped with the same mortar with which the bricks are laid. Concrete is less porous than mortar. Mortar, like many other parts of your masonry chimney, is made to be durable, but can sustain damage from water’s attacks.

We’ll most commonly see damage on a chimney crown in the form of shrinking cracks and holes. However, we also see more extensive damage, including erosion and missing pieces. This damage seriously decreases your crown wash’s ability to protect the structure below from water – and once water begins to make its way into the masonry structure, you can end up with damaged bricks, mortar and eventually ceilings, walls, and floors.

It’s important to repair a damaged chimney crown as soon as possible! Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps’ technicians are trained to provide proper chimney crown repair. We may be able to repair and protect your chimney crown using ChimneySaver’s CrownSeal or CrownCoat water protection products. We’ve found these to be highly effective and dependable products that not only mend the cracks and gaps that are leaving your system vulnerable, but also strongly protect the crown masonry from water intrusion going forward – effectively waterproofing the top of your masonry chimney.

Why We Use ChimneySaver’s CrownSeal And CrownCoat Products

As long as your crown wash is relatively stable (without missing pieces), CrownSeal and CrownCoat can fill minor holes and cracks leaving a smooth water repellent surface as a barrier to water absorption.   These elastomeric coatings provide exceptional protection for your crown, curing to a natural concrete/mortar appearance.

Take a look at these before and after images showing a damaged chimney crown that was repaired and protected with CrownSeal:

Before Crownseal
BEFORE: A Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps customer contacted us with a chimney mortar crown that was cracked and deteriorating, leaving the chimney system susceptible to even more water damage.
After Crownseal
AFTER: Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps applied CrownSeal to the damaged chimney crown to create a 10-year seal against rain and weather damage.

ChimneySaver’s CrownSeal and CrownCoat offer exceptional protection against water damage, and carry 10- and 15-year manufacturer’s warranties, respectively.

More Information On ChimneySaver’s CrownSeal And CrownCoat

This is ChimneySaver’s brushable chimney crown waterproofing product, and our technicians apply it by patching cracks and other areas of damage, then using two coats of CrownCoat over the whole crown to create a waterproof membrane.

ChimneySaver’s CrownSeal offers another option for chimney crown protection, which, like CrownCoat, forms a flexible waterproof membrane where it’s applied. We apply CrownSeal with a trowel and a brush, and can use it to turn a cracking crown into a smooth, well-protected barrier against chimney water damage.

If you’re experiencing water leaks into your fireplace or on the walls adjacent to your chimney, or if you notice cracks in your crown, call Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps. We may be able to use CrownSeal or CrownCoat to fix and protect your leaky chimney.

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