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If you’re considering having a new heating appliance installed in your home, Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps would love to help. A fireplace, stove or insert — when it’s the right unit for your needs and it’s installed properly and safely — quickly becomes a favorite gathering place for families and a beloved part of a home. Let Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps help you find the right appliance for your needs!

Wood Stove Installations - Black wood stove with glass front and storage for wood underneath.  There is also a large basket of wood on the right and an urn on the left.  The stove is situated in a red brick alcove.

Wood Burning Stove

Black trim wood burning insert  in red brick wall with wood storage to the right.

Wood Burning Insert

Gas Fireplace with large river rock surround and hearth.  It has a screen.  There are two pillows sitting on the hearth. It is beautiful!

Gas Fireplace

Nice modern electric fireplace insert.  It is a long rectangle in shape.  It has to inserted shelves above it that has plants and nick knacks for decoration.

Electric Fireplace

Stoves, Fireplaces & Inserts: What Are the Differences?

​Choosing a new heating appliance is a big decision that takes careful consideration. To choose the right appliance for you, you’ll want to weigh your lifestyle, your space, your heating needs, and your aesthetic preferences.

Traditional tastes usually draw homeowners toward a fireplace, and if your interest is mainly ambiance and looks, a fireplace might be the ideal choice. If you’re more concerned with heat output, a wood or gas stove, a PriorFire fireplace or direct vent gas insert might be a good option to consider. While modern wood burning manufactured fireplaces are often installed in today’s new construction, they are generally not very efficient.  Stoves, high efficiency fireplaces or inserts (wood or gas) in traditionally built chimneys are generally more effective for zone heating.​ If you don’t have an existing appliance or chimney, new fireplaces or stoves can be installed with a new chimney.

If you’re looking to renovate or upgrade a current fireplace, a firebox redesign with a PriorFire firebox or gas, wood or electric insert is worth considering. These are retrofitted into the space your current system inhabits, and often can make use of your existing chimney.

Fireplaces, stoves and inserts are all made to burn various fuels, and are available in various styles, from classic to modern. We can help you find one that brings the look and function you want!

Next Question — Wood or Gas?

Once, your appliance type is decided, it’s time to pick your fuel.

If you’re primarily looking for convenience, gas-burning appliances will be worth looking into. Gas units are easy to use and quick to light (often you’ll just push a button and enjoy a fire). While they do require regular (usually annual) maintenance, they don’t require the use-to-use upkeep that you’ll see with a wood-burning unit. You also might be surprised at how realistic gas logs are these days, from the design of the logs themselves to the way the fire envelops them.

For the homey crackle of a traditional fire, though, nothing really compares to wood. A wood-burning unit does require some work – you’ll have to buy or cut and stack wood, build fires, and clean ash. However, as a fuel, wood is plentiful and affordable, and it can provide you with a great back-up heating option for when the power goes out in winter storms.

When neither wood nor gas is an option, there is now the wonder of electric fireplaces. Lights and mirrors have never made such magic as can be seen in today’s electric options.

Let us show you the various options available for your home. We’d love to hope you find the ideal appliance for your family’s enjoyment.

Brands We Install & Recommend

  • Pacific Energy Fireplace Products
  • Ventis
  • Timberwolf
  • Valor
  • Modern Flames
  • Peterson Gas Logs
  • Eiklor Gas Logs
  • Hargrove Gas Logs
  • Enervex (Exhausto) Exhaust Fans
  • PriorFire

Let Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps “Bless Your Hearth”! We’ll help you find the best new fireplace, stove or insert for your needs. Call us or click here to make an appointment!


Our chimney products and installations include chimney caps and animal guards to keep animals and every kind of debris out of your chimney system.