We Offer ChimneySaver Waterproofing Services for Protecting Your Chimney

Your chimney is particularly susceptible to the effects of weather (especially water) because it projects above the roofline, in a line of direct attack. Exposed to the elements year after year, masonry chimneys can begin to develop various types of deterioration and damage, from eroded masonry joints to degraded bricks and spalling (the peeling or chipping of layers of brick).​

Older chimneys, that have been bombarded by the elements for decades and decades, are much more susceptible to water damage, including spalling. The masonry materials (brick and mortar) used in chimneys is porous, and a certain amount of water will get absorbed even by brand new brick. However, as brick ages and breaks down, it absorbs water more readily and when it freezes and thaws, the bond between the mortar beds and the brick can break leaving small horizontal cracks in the structure. Additionally the outer layers (the face) of brick can flake and pop off.

To prevent this type of damage and prolong the life of your masonry, have your masonry treated professionally for water intrusion. This is sometimes referred to as “waterproofing.” Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps can help protect your masonry by applying ChimneySaver Water Repellent, a product we’ve used for many years with proven results. We stand by its ability to significantly protect masonry against water damage, by effectively reducing water infiltration by 99.9 percent.

What Makes ChimneySaver Water Repellent Such a Great Product?

Masonry chimneys are made with porous materials for a reason — this allows vapors inside of the chimney to pass through the masonry, evaporating to the outside. Simply coating a masonry chimney with latex paint or some other type of “waterproofing product” (commonly called “sealants”) would trap those vapors inside, preventing the chimney from functioning properly (breathing) and leading to further damage.

Unlike other products on the market, ChimneySaver is a 100-percent vapor-permeable sealant that keeps water from getting into the chimney through the brick, but still allows moisture, that collects in the chimney from your home, to escape from the inside. The product is clear, so it won’t negatively affect the look of your masonry — in fact, it actually tends to make the brick color pop, making the chimney look even better. It also protects your masonry against mildew, fungus and stains, including efflorescence (the white powdery or crystalline deposits that you’ll see on some masonry chimneys).

We’re confident in this product, and ChimneySaver is confident enough to provide a 10-year warranty!

ChimneySaver Water Repellent jug in white with multi-color writing on it.  The background is blue and there are bricks on the right bottom corner.

ChimneySaver Water Repellent Needs To Be Applied by Chimney Professionals

ChimneySaver Water Repellent is only available to chimney professionals, who are trained in proper application and safety measures. Inferior brands that you might see in hardware stores won’t provide the type of protection you get with ChimneySaver. Beware of products are only suitable for use on wood. Some products contain silicone additives that can actually harm your masonry chimney.

Let Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps protect your masonry chimney and “Bless Your Hearth” so that you can enjoy years and years of warmth. Call us today or click here to make an appointment!


Protect your chimney’s crown from water damage with the professional application of CrownCoat. This effective product is what we use and recommend here at Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps.