We Are Chimney Troubleshooting Experts

With more than 30 years of chimney service experience in the upstate area of South Carolina, Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps has come across every chimney problem imaginable, from smoke-bellowing chimneys to smelly, leaky, or poorly-drafting ones, we’ve run the gamut.

Even with all our years of experience, we attend training and certification programs every year to ensure that our technicians are abreast of the latest tools and codes, along with techniques in installation, cleaning, and repair. Our experience, paired with our continued training, helps us to quickly troubleshoot chimney issues, and offer the best options for repair or restoration available.

It can be really frustrating when a poorly-functioning chimney is keeping you from enjoying your fireplace, stove, or insert. Our aim is to get rid of that frustration as quickly as possible, finding the root of the problem, and offering proper repairs that will last. At the first signs of chimney issues, give Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps a call — we’d be more than happy to “Bless Your Hearth”, so that you can enjoy a trouble-free fire again.

Whatever Your Problem, We’ve Got A Solution!

Smoking Fireplace & Draft Resolution
Draft is what allows your chimney to pull hot air and combustion byproducts up and out of your home. In order for your chimney to effectively do its job, proper draft has to be there. A variety of issues, large and small, can lead to poorly-drafting chimneys. Typically, smokey chimneys and poorly-drafting chimneys often go hand-in-hand — when proper draft isn’t pulling the air in the chimney up and out, smoke often billows (or creeps) back into your living area.

If you’re experiencing either issue, or both, Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps can take a look at your chimney system to see what’s causing the problem. It might be something that requires repair, like an improperly-sized flue or incorrect chimney height. It might also be simple user issues that we can help you with. Give us a call, and we’ll help cure your ailing chimney.

Leaky Chimney Resolution
Chimney leaks are particularly tricky, and particularly frustrating, since there are a variety of parts and places in the system that could be contributing to the problem. Unfortunately, many water problems go unnoticed for an extended period of time, and water can do considerable damage to a home very quickly. If you think you may have a water problem, Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps’ technicians can thoroughly examine your chimney, taking a close look at all the common culprits (including your chimney crown, chimney flashing and the masonry itself), to see what’s causing your leaks. Once we locate the source of the problem, we’ll be able to recommend the appropriate repairs to help ensure that your chimney stays high and dry in the future.

If extensive water damage has been done, our technicians have the skills to restore your chimney and fireplace, and we even offer waterproofing products to protect you from future damage!

Let Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps troubleshoot your chimney problems — call us or click here to make your appointment!


Our years of experience mean we can do every type of chimney repair imaginable as part of our comprehensive chimney and fireplace services. Call on us today.