We Install Quality Chimney Caps/Animal Guards

It goes without saying that you want all of the visitors in your home to be ones that were invited in — and that includes animals. But when your chimney’s flue isn’t topped with a chimney cap, animals of various kinds can take that as an open invitation to move into your chimney and possibly venture into your home.

The most efficient way to prevent animal intruders is to have a chimney cap or animal guard installed by Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps.

Before - Chimney with rusted cap and cage with bare trees and a home in the background.

Before – Chimney with deteriorated crown and single flue cap

After - New stainless steel cap and animal guard with bare trees and home in the background.

After – Chimney with Stainless Steel full coverage cap​

Animal Visitors And The Problems They Bring

Birds, squirrels, raccoons, bats, and even snakes have been known to enter homes through a chimney that doesn’t have a chimney cap or an animal guard protecting it. It makes sense: Your chimney is a tall structure that can offer protection to nesting animals. Unfortunately, although adult birds and animals can often leave your chimney as easily as they came into it, their babies aren’t as capable. If they can’t exit by climbing up or flying out, their natural reaction is to try, which could bring them into your home, causing considerable damage along the way as they frantically try to escape. If they don’t make it out of your chimney at all, they can die, causing an array of other problems, including odors, maggots, and flies.

Wild animals that come into your chimney can bring annoying noises and unwanted smells, nesting materials that can block your flue, fleas, lice and other insects. Rabies and other diseases can put you and your family at risk. Raccoons, in particular, are known for being vicious, and can make their way into your home through your fireplace opening. Removing animals isn’t easy, and with certain animals, it can be particularly complicated. Chimney swifts are federally protected birds that love to nest in chimneys, and, by law, they cannot be forcibly removed. Bats are another protected species. If these animals make their way into your chimney, you’ll have to wait for them to leave on their own or use a wildlife rescue company with special licensing to get them removed.

Call Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps if you find that birds or bats are living in your chimney. After they’ve left, we can clean everything out, check for damages and install a chimney cap to keep you from having problems in the future.

If you’ve heard animal noises in your chimney, make sure the chimney is swept and inspected before you use it, and have Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps install a chimney cap to protect your system going forward.

Raccoon with his teeth bared.  This is a good reason to have animal guards on your chimney.
Chimney Swift nesting in chimney.  They are a protected species and can't being disturbed during this time.

Other Benefits Of A Chimney Cap

Keeping animals out is an important part of the chimney cap’s role in your chimney system. However that’s not all a cap will do for your chimney. Full coverage chimney caps also help to keep water (specifically rain and snow) out of the flue as well as diverting precipitation of all forms from soaking into the crown wash and further damaging the masonry of your chimney. Draft-inducing chimney caps can often help correct drafting issues.

Quality chimney caps include a mesh screen that keeps animals out and sparks in – keeping sparks and embers from potentially igniting nearby trees, leaves and brush. Windy weather can cause chimney drafting problems that can interfere with your chimney’s proper function and can spread stray sparks.

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The installation of the right chase cover can add years of life to your prefabricated chimney system. Ask us for more details about these special chimney products.