RH Peterson Gas Logs – Efficient And Realistic

The RH Peterson Company might be best known for making some of the world’s most coveted gas grills — Esquire magazine’s Holiday Gift Guide of Great American Things (2012) included Peterson’s Fire Magic grills, noting, “This is for the avid.” When it comes to heating appliances, RH Peterson produces products that are meant for consumers with pro-grade expectations. And nothing they produce falls short of those expectations.

RH Peterson Logo with flames in red after the RH. It has a black background.

Gas logs, in general, can be a great way for busy families to take an old wood-burning fireplace that’s largely ignored and turn it into a frequently-used, well-loved part of their home. Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps can install these in your existing fireplace, and make it so that you can enjoy a fire despite a packed schedule, with just the push of a button. If you’re considering the addition of gas logs in your home, RH Peterson’s Real Fyre Gas Logs are some of the most efficient and realistic products on the market.

Handcrafted, Hand-painted, Amazingly Realistic Results

Real Fyre Gas Logs have been made in the United States for over 75 years, and in that time, the company has developed a detailed manufacturing process that results in some incredibly realistic products. Real Fyre Gas Logs are handcrafted out of ceramic refractory material and hand-painted to create lifelike knots, knurled bark, and ragged edges that mimic the haphazard breaks in hand-chopped firewood. These logs can create the look of a classic homey fire, with Coastal Driftwood or Rustic Oak in the Classic Series. They can also bring a more unique flair, from light Mountain Birch to dark Old English Coal in the Designer Series. You can also purchase accessories that add even more lifelike details, from acorns and pine cones to additional branches.

Real Fyre: They’re Not Just Gas Logs

While Real Fyre Gas Logs are beautifully realistic, logs might not quite be your style. For more contemporary tastes, the company also produces its Contemporary Alternatives series, with Fyre Glass, Fyre Gems, Diamond Nuggets, and Geometric Shapes/Stones. These can bring earthy warmth, a bright twinkle, an electric pop of color, or a sleek bed of black to your fireplace, that defies conventions and gives your space an eye-grabbing new look.

Are you interested in having RH Peterson Real Fyre Gas Logs installed in your existing fireplace? Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps would love to help. Call or schedule online today and we’ll “Bless Your Hearth!”


An Eiklor gas log set is also a great addition to any household. Learn more about these and our other fireplace products by reaching out now.