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History is a huge part of our culture here in Upstate South Carolina, from historic buildings in downtown Greenville, Anderson and Spartanburg to the similar sites in our more intimate communities like Fountain Inn, Laurens and Clinton. The many beautifully-renovated historic homes in our area lend to the Upstate’s unique personality and charm. At Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps, we know that maintaining the classic look of these historic homes is important, and proper restoration of the chimney systems in these buildings is a key component of doing that right.

It takes experience and skill to restore historic chimneys.  There are four very tall beautiful chimneys in this image of a cottage surrounded by woods with a tile roof and white stucco on the sides.  Lots of windows and a cloudy blue sky in the background.

Restoring a Historic Chimney Takes Experience & Skill

Restoring the chimney on a historic home is very different from repairing a modern chimney. Careful consideration must be given as to which materials and processes will bring the chimney up to the level of function expected in modern homes, without damaging the historic look or undermining the structural integrity.

Materials used for masonry chimneys in historic homes are often different from the masonry materials we use today. In years past, chimneys were generally built using a lime-based mortar that worked well in conjunction with the day’s softer, more porous brick. Around the 1930s, it became more common to use much harder bricks and much harder, less porous cement. If you were to repair a historic chimney using materials that didn’t properly account for the properties of those older materials, you’d have obvious-looking repairs, or possibly a compromised chimney.

The Historic Unlined Chimney 

Many chimneys in homes that date back to the early 1900’s or before were built without a chimney liner. An unlined chimney is far riskier simply due to the age of the building materials surrounding it. It also fails to meet current code requirements – and therefore definitely should not be used with modern appliances (gas logs, wood stove inserts, etc.) without updating. 

In order for a historic chimney to conform to current codes and the level of risk management expected in modern chimneys, installing a proper chimney liner will be a necessary update. Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps can do it!

Updating While Retaining Your Historic Chimney & Fireplace Look

Do you want your cake and to be able to eat it, too? We can help you keep that vintage look AND have the efficiency and performance of a modern fireplace system.

Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps’ technicians are trained to address these issues and any other repair or restoration needs that might come up with your historic chimney. If your chimney needs work, give us a call!

We Can Help To Improve Your Historic Chimney’s Energy Efficiency

Throat dampers are common in older chimneys, but many older fireplaces were designed without dampers. New  top-sealing dampers completely seal the flue off when it’s not in use, drastically limiting the amount of air transfer between your home and the outdoors. Talk to us about the energy-saving benefits of having a top-sealing damper installed!

Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps can restore your historic chimney and “Bless Your Hearth”! Call us today, or click here to make an appointment!


There are many reasons for chimney damage and Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps has the skill and experience to repair your chimney to make it safe to use again.