Hargrove Gas Logs Look Great & Deliver Quality Heat

For over 35 years, Hargrove has been a leading provider of aesthetically-pleasing and realistic gas logs. Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps is pleased to offer a comprehensive range of vented gas appliances in standard and large sizes, all of which are suitable for both single open and see-through fireplaces. Their product lineup includes gas logs, fire glass, control systems, outdoor products, and refractory panels.

Hargrove Premium Products Logo - has a boomarang surround Hargrove with flames coming out of it.

Crafted With Durability & Beauty in Mind

Hargrove’s gas logs are crafted from a durable mixture of pre-fired and expanded clay, special hi-temperature cement, and wire mesh reinforcement, resulting in a strong ceramic material capable of withstanding extreme temperatures. Additionally, their Radiant Heat series logs are made of ceramic fiber for enhanced heat reflectivity.

What all of the adds up to is a quality, great-looking gas log set that will deliver all the heat you need to enjoy a cozy evening by the fireplace.

We’re Happy to Guide You Through the Process

Whether you’re looking to enhance your fireplace with gas logs or explore other related products, Hargrove aims to provide everything needed for a complete and visually appealing fireplace experience.

Questions about what gas logs or fireplace products would be best suited for your needs and household? Our knowledgeable and experienced chimney technicians are here to help. Give us a call or schedule with us online now.


An Enervex chimney fan will help with slow or back drafting issues. Ask us whether an exhaust fan is the answer to drafting problems with your heating appliance type.