logoWhile circumstances around the world remain watchful regarding COVID-19, we want to assure you of the steps we are taking to provide you with peace of mind around any needed service. It is our intention to continue to do everything we can to create an environment that is as safe as possible for everyone.

As our own safety and yours have always been our top priority, we’d like to take this opportunity to assure you of the steps we are taking to continue to provide you with peace of mind around any needed service.  In line with that, we are observing and practicing universal standards.

We have always utilized various types of PPE —  gloves, floor coverings, foot coverings, respirators, HEPA filter vacuum cleaners as well as sanitizing hand wipes and cleaners to protect our workers & your home.

  • We have updated our everyday processes to address what appears to be our new “normal” going forward.  Our technical teams continue to use personal protection equipment (PPE).  This may include gloves, masks and shoe coverings as necessary or requested.
  • Our technical teams are trained to respect “personal space” and maintain a polite distance always seeking permission to enter closer proximity when necessary to share information.   Most of our reporting is done electronically now, for a “cleaner” experience. However, if you, as a valued client, would prefer to receive paper reports at this time, just let us know; we may be able to provide them on-site or we will be happy to provide copies of our reports/invoices to you via US MAIL.
  • Our entire staff will be practicing accepted guidelines as outlined by WHO, CDC, OSHA, Workman Compensation guidelines for the workplace.

We are doing everything we can think of to ensure everyone’s safety and peace of mind. If, however, there is something further you would like us to do while we are providing service for your home, please do not hesitate to advise our office staff (when they call to confirm your appointment), or our technical team (when they arrive at your home). We will be happy to comply if it is at all possible.