GENERAL MAINTENANCE (Inspections, Sweepings, Gas Log Service)

  • If, when you call, you do not get a live person, please leave a message or contact us via our website, we have personnel that monitor these message centers during normal business hours. We will reach back out to you via phone, text, or email ASAP.
  • We are currently scheduling months out for regular maintenance services as well as repair projects. Even in the face of extended wait times, please do not hesitate to book an appointment now.  Securing a firm appointment on the schedule also insures placement on our standby lists for potential sooner placement when we have cancellations or reschedulings.
  • Do not underestimate the value of standby placement. We aggressively take advantage of schedule changes that allow moving appointments to sooner placement whenever possible.
    • NOTE: Firm appointment date must be made to be placed on the standby lists.
  • To insure service by the holiday season, we recommend calling by end of Spring to be placed on our schedule in time for service to be completed by the holiday season. This will allow ample time to take advantage of the standby option when schedule changes allow for moving to a sooner placement. In the Spring, we normally still have openings before the holiday season begins, however, we expect by end of Summer to be booked through to the end of the year.
Chimney sweep on roof building chimney, the image is quite dark and more of a silhouette.


  • Usually, most projects (large repairs, renovations and restorations) are completed within 4-6 months after the proposal is accepted – depending on the complexity of the project. These types of projects are normally scheduled to be done between March and September on any given year. This scheduling takes into consideration that we do not usually schedule large projects during the “bad weather months” in our geographic area (i.e. December, January and February) and the “busy winter season” (October-February) when most folks expect to get their chimney/fireplace systems serviced.
  • Usual and customary scheduling mentioned above — is our normal plan of action. Due to higher than normal call for our services, we have begun to extend our large project window to include October and November going forward. Be assured that any project already “in the pipeline” will be completed in order of acceptance until all are complete.
  • As mentioned above, most projects will be performed 4-6 months after the proposal is accepted — depending on the complexity of the project. However, some other factors that impact scheduling are weather, freight damage to materials, product availability, unexpected complications with projects, and staff availability.
    • Weather: While we do our best to re-arrange work as needed around complications with weather, the safety of our workers is of paramount concern for us and we WILL NOT risk their lives. We endeavor to reschedule rainouts within a week or two, however, sometimes a bit longer wait will be necessary.  Some weather conditions will not allow us to send our workers out safely at all.
    • Freight Damage: We cannot anticipate when freight handlers will destroy or damage product. Our commitment to excellence is to provide the product you are purchasing in first-rate condition. If your job materials are damaged, they will be replaced. This will always require rescheduling until replacement product arrives.
    • Product Availability:  Sometimes products are backordered.  For some things, we have multiple sources.  For some things, sources are limited.  This is beyond our control.
    • Project Complications: On large projects where “deconstruction” is necessary before “reconstruction” can begin, occasionally there will be hidden issues uncovered that require more time to resolve than is anticipated thereby extending the project. This will impact the scheduling of subsequent projects.
    • Staff Availability:
      • Sometimes people get sick. While we do try to reassign scheduled appointments to the other teams the same day where possible, there will be times when providing quality service will require rescheduling when one of our team members or their immediate family members experience illness.
      • There is an overall shortage of people willing to work in “trades” right now. While we offer training and a career path to technical acuity, we do have general difficulty finding willing, qualified workers.

We hope these tips have been useful and will help you with understanding and navigating our scheduling processes at Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps. It is our intention to help everyone in as timely a fashion as possible. Sometimes this is more challenging than at other times. We do wish we could help every customer immediately upon request, but in some circumstances, that is often not possible.

We consider it a blessing for our company, and specifically for our staff, that we are incredibly busy, and their livelihoods are secure. We are grateful for the patronage that allows us the privilege of helping so many with their chimney and fireplace maintenance and repairs and that we can provide ongoing fulfilling employment for our exceptional staff. That being said, scheduling is one of our greatest challenges. Be assured that the frustrations you experience around our current limitations are just as frustrating to us.

Chimney sweeps feet and chimney brush cleaning flue.

One final note: We are always on the lookout to find individuals interested in a career in fireplace and chimney maintenance and repair. Having more trained professionals on our team (particularly technicians and assistants) will positively impact our scheduling profoundly. If you know someone looking for an unconventional, stimulating career that provides something different almost every day, solving unusual out-of-the-ordinary problems, we are happy to train persons who possess basic mechanical aptitude and a curious spirit. Our compensation plans allow experienced technicians to pretty much determine their own paycheck.  Check out our “Jobs” section for more information about employment opportunities with Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps.  

Thank you for visiting our “Scheduling Tips” page. We know it is because of our customers, like you, who have trusted our experience and commitment to excellence, since we began in 1980, that we are experiencing our current success. Thank you for your support and choice to continue to work with us.

Following our pre-appointment tips will help your appointment scheduling go smoothly. Don’t forget to contact us for all of your chimney and fireplace needs.