Top-Sealing Fireplace Dampers: Your Chimney’s Multi-Tasker

At Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps, we’ve often heard homeowners and customers complain about cold air coming down their chimney and into the living area, costing them extra money as they try to keep their home comfortable and warm. In most cases, the culprit in this situation is a standard fireplace throat damper.

Throat dampers are installed down at the bottom of the chimney, above the firebox, and are designed with a metal plate that closes off the flue when the fireplace isn’t being used. These dampers aren’t designed to seal tightly, and many energy-conscious homeowners want an airtight seal in their fireplace damper.

This desire for energy efficiency has led chimney professionals and homeowners alike to move away from throat dampers and opt for top-sealing dampers, instead.

Top-sealing Dampers Create An Airtight Seal
Top-sealing dampers are installed at the top of the flue, and when closed, a gasket completely seals off the flue, keeping water and snow out, along with that cold air so many homeowners have complained about. We’ve seen top-sealing dampers provide significant energy savings – in fact, some figures indicate that these are as much as 90 percent more efficient than throat dampers.

Top-sealing Dampers Add Protection Against Water & Animals
Since these dampers completely close off the flue, they keep precipitation out, and block birds, squirrels, raccoons and other animals that may be looking to nest in your chimney. Top-sealing dampers also keep debris like leaves and twigs out of your chimney system.

Top-sealing Dampers Aren’t as Susceptible to Corrosion
The metal plate that closes off the flue with a throat damper can rust or corrode. But since a top-sealing damper closes off the flue with a silicone rubber gasket, rust and corrosion aren’t such a concern.

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