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Many years back, although chimneys were built with multiple layers of brick, they were mostly built without a flue liner to protect the inside of the chimney and the home structure. Over time, chimney and building professionals realized how this left the chimney and the building at risk. Nowadays, it is the accepted standard that chimneys are always installed with a proper flue liner.

There are many beautiful historic homes in the Upstate SC area, and some of these homes have historic chimneys that haven’t been updated much since their inception. Many of these chimneys are unlined and, when used (especially with modern appliances), carry a greater risk than is generally accepted by modern standards as the norm.

A flue liner helps encourage proper draft in your chimney, facilitating the exiting of hot air and harmful gases up the flue and out of the home. The liner also provides a protective barrier between the extreme heat and caustic exhaust produced by burning wood or gas in your firebox. The liner protects the combustible materials used to build the walls, floors, and ceilings in your home. Beyond that, the masonry materials in your chimney also receive an added layer of protection with a liner. This can prolong the lifespan of the masonry structure, and delay the need for repair or restoration. Without a flue liner, the home is at higher risk for a chimney fire, masonry deterioration, and carbon monoxide exposure.

The simple truth is that an unlined chimney does not meet building codes anymore. All of the above is why the code is written requiring all chimneys to be lined. If you have an older or historic chimney without a chimney liner and want to use it to modern standard or with modern appliances, call Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps! We can minimize risk and make your chimney more efficient, by bringing it up to code. We can install a new liner matched to your intended use that will vastly improve your system and last through years of use.

Other Reasons You Might Need A Chimney Liner Installed Or Replaced

An unlined chimney isn’t the only circumstance under which Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps technicians install a chimney liner.

Resizing the Flue
Having a new appliance installed with an existing chimney often requires a change in flue size in order for the appliance to properly vent. If the flue isn’t correctly sized, proper draft won’t occur. This can lead to increased creosote buildup and other dangers to the home and the chimney. The best fix is usually to install a new stainless steel flue liner that brings the flue to the proper size for the new appliance.

Repairing a Damaged Clay Tile Liner
Clay tile flue liners are common, but these are also prone to damage. The clay tiles themselves can crack, and the mortar joints can deteriorate (or they may never have been properly filled). Cracks and voids in a flue liner give gases an opportunity to eat away masonry or make their way out of the chimney and into the home. Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps can often repair these cracks using HeatShield® cerfractory sealant or by installing a new stainless steel liner.

Whether you need to have a flue liner installed, repaired, or replaced, Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps can help! Call us today or click here to schedule an appointment online and let us “Bless Your Hearth”!

Graphic of clay tile chimney liner coming out the top of a chimney.


Properly restoring a historic chimney takes experience and skill, and Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps has both! Talk to us about this specialized chimney repair today.