Do You Have a Leaky Chimney? Let Us Help!

You might be able to leave a leaky faucet alone for a while, but a leaky chimney is another story. Small chimney leaks can unexpectedly lead to big chimney leaks, and expensive repairs.

A chimney system built correctly includes various layers of protection against water intrusion that provide a degree of waterproofing. Water is trying to make its way in almost constantly, and the fact is — those layers of protection might sometimes wear out or break down or not be there at all if the chimney was not constructed correctly. Once water finds a small vulnerability, it insidiously works to make it a larger pathway. That’s why it’s important to address a leak as soon as you notice it. Call Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps right away if you…

  • see water spots in the ceiling or walls around your chimney
  • notice moisture or odors in your firebox
  • see rust streaks on your chase cover or streaking down the sides of your chimney
  • notice cracks in your chimney crown

…call us – we want to help rid your chimney system of leaks before you’ve got a bigger problem on your hands.

Chimney Crown Repair Before and After images.  On the left the crown is broken and disintegrating.  On the right the same chimney has a new crown, animal guard and cap.

Chimney Crown Repair – Before and After

Before - Chimney with rusted cap and cage with bare trees and a home in the background.
After - New stainless steel cap and animal guard with bare trees and home in the background.

Chimney Full Coverage Cap – Before and After

Common Contributors To Chimney Leaks

Chimney Caps
A chimney cap’s role is varied. It can help discourage animal nesting and some caps are draft inducing. However, a big part of its value​ is protecting your chimney from water intrusion. This is one of the steps that provides a limited degree of waterproofing. If your chimney cap is damaged or missing or not the correct design for your chimney (ill-fitting or too small), that could be why you’re seeing water in or around your chimney. Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps can replace your damaged or missing cap with a perfectly-sized and installed full coverage cap that’s made to last.

Those pieces of metal around the chimney where it goes thru the roof are part of your chimney’s flashing. Flashing is designed to seal and prevent water entry where the chimney and the roof connect – essentially making that area waterproof. If those metal pieces come off or tear or if the caulking that seals the edges dries and cracks causing the metal pieces pull loose, water can make its way through these deteriorated areas into the home structure and cause extensive damage. Installing or repairing flashing is skilled work, and Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps’ technicians can repair or replace your flashing properly, so that your chimney and home are protected for years to come.

You Can Help Prevent Masonry Leaks With Proper Maintenance

As masonry ages, it becomes more porous. It’s water repelling properties lessen over time and it can start allowing water to penetrate the masonry, leading to chimney leaks. The chimney experts at Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps can apply a water repellent that’s specially formulated for chimneys. This product can add another layer of waterproofing that protects your masonry, and can lengthen your chimney’s service life considerably. Talk to us about the process and the benefits!

Let Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps “Bless Your Hearth”, by getting rid of your chimney leak problems. Call us or click here to make an appointment!


It may not be that difficult to resolve your smoking fireplace and drafting problems. Our expert troubleshooting services can help you sort it out so we can fix it!