Quality Products By Valor

Valor’s company history traces back to the late 1800s, and they’ve been focused on home heating appliances since the first half of the 1900s. That long history has helped them develop energy-efficient gas heating appliances that are currently some of the most-respected in the industry. Valor is globally known for their innovation, possibly being the first company ever to develop direct vent products for the end user.

Their aim is to produce fireplaces, both gas and electric, that lead the industry in design, energy-efficiency and quality. Take a look at the different contemporary and traditional units they offer — we think you’ll agree that Valor produces some exemplary heating appliance designs.

Valor Logo in red with a flame in the right arm of the "V".

In the years that we’ve been installing and maintaining these units, we’ve found Valor’s quality to be more than commendable, and we’re proud to recommend and install Valor products.

Different Needs, Different Tastes: There’s a Valor Unit For You

Valor appliances are made to suit a wide variety of home heating needs, desires, and tastes. The products offered by Valor include:

  • inserts designed to update and renew an old fireplace
  • freestanding fireplaces made to look like wood-burning stoves
  • zero clearance fireplaces that allow for installation in close proximity to the combustible materials that make up your walls and floors
  • realistic electric fireplaces

Homeowners with more contemporary tastes might like Valor’s L1 or L2 Linear Series fireplaces, which have a wide and sleek rectangular opening. Valor’s Portrait Series and Horizon Series units offer looks that hark back toward tradition. Tell Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps about your tastes and needs, and we’ll help you find the Valor unit that is right for your home!

Zone Heating: Add A Valor Fireplace To Warm Up Your Space

Valor fireplaces were designed with zone heating in mind. If you have a space in your home that needs a reliable heating boost, these units are a great choice – the steel and ceramic construction allows for a speedy heat-up and efficient output. Depending on the layout of your home and the placement of the fireplace, the zone being heated can be a single room or a whole floor. These units also feature variable heat controls, so you’ll be able to turn the amount of heat emitted up or down, depending on what you want and need. Call us — Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps can help you choose the right Valor appliance for your heating needs and wants!

Let us “Bless Your Hearth” with the addition of a quality Valor product! Call us today or click here to make an appointment!


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