Video Chimney Inspections Allow Us an Up-Close & Personal Look at Your Chimney System

Depending on your chimney system’s individual circumstances, Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps will recommend one of the three industry standard levels of chimney inspection. A Level 1 annual visual inspection will be the most fitting option if your venting system hasn’t changed since our last visit (i.e. you’re using the same appliance with the same fuel, venting through the same chimney and liner).

If, however, we need to take a closer and more thorough look into your chimney system, we’ll recommend a Level 2 inspection (aka video inspection), using a state-of-the-art camera system that was specifically developed for chimney inspections. With this camera, we’ll capture video and still images along the interior surface of your flue. We’ll be able to more accurately gauge whether or not there are hidden hazards in the interior of your chimney.

During a Level 2 inspection (aka video inspection), Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps’ technicians will follow the steps included in a Level 1 (visual) inspection (closely looking at all of the readily-accessible portions of your appliance, the chimney’s exterior and interior, and the connectors that join the two). Additionally, we’ll also inspect attics, crawl spaces, and basements. Throughout the process, we’ll be:

  • checking to see if there are cracks, voids, gaps, or other signs of damage in the masonry structure inside and out
  • checking for proper installation
  • looking for water damage, or evidence of water intrusion
  • evaluating the extent of creosote buildup
chimscan inspection
chimscan inspection

NOTE: If potential hazards are found during a Level 2 (video) inspection​, we may recommend a Level 3 inspection, which requires us to remove parts of your chimney system or the walls or ceilings around it (like doors, drywall, or other permanent parts of the structure), in order to get a closer look at the area in question. Sometimes a Level 3 inspection is the only way to truly evaluate the damage and how it affects the safety of your system.

When Would I Need A Level 2 (video) Inspection?

  • If the home is being bought or sold. With the transfer of property, there should be no surprises. You wouldn’t want to purchase a home, only to find out a few months later that a dangerous and expensive problem was missed by a home inspector. Most general inspectors can spot a problem on the exterior of a chimney, but may not be trained to know what would be problematic in the “guts” of a chimney.
  • If you are planning to have a new appliance installed to be used with an existing chimney. You will want to make sure the chimney meets specifications required for safe operation of that specific new appliance. 
  • If you’ve switched to a different fuel. For instance, if you are going from wood-burning to gas logs, or if you are removing gas logs and want to return to wood-burning, you will want to know that the chimney meets code and standard for venting the specific appliance and fuel you will be using. Yes – a wood-burning open hearth fireplace is an appliance. 
  • If there’s been a chimney fire, storm damage, lightning strike, earthquake or some other sudden occurrence event that may have caused damage.

Level 2 video inspection is recommended in any of the above mentioned scenarios.

If you’re not sure what level of inspection is best for your home, call Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps or click here to schedule an appointment online – we are happy to help you determine what’s right for your situation.

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Be assured that if all you need is a visual inspection, that is the chimney inspection we will provide. Call on Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps for all your chimney needs.