How much does it cost to have your chimney inspected and/or cleaned? Well, what is it worth to you to work with a company that —

  • Makes it easy to work with them from the first phone call to the moment they say “thank you for your business”.
  • Delivers. When you make an appointment with us, we show up!
  • Provides trusted, trained, clean industry professionals to work in your home.
  • Strives to provide more than you expected.
  • Is there for you AFTER the job is done if you have questions or can’t remember something.
  • Makes what you are trying to accomplish THEIR goal.
  • Works hard to match their schedule with your availability.
  • Makes it a priority to educate their ENTIRE STAFF – not just their field technicians — about the chimney/fireplace/appliances in your home.
  • Takes time to educate you about and increase your confidence level around using your home fireplace, gas appliance or wood burning stove.
  • Is reasonably affordable – not the cheapest, but rather the best value for the money spent.
  • Provides more value than just $$ saved on the front end of the purchase — with years of worry free use.
  • Provides even more value — with after-purchase ongoing support from experienced industry professionals.
  • Has a consistent and superior track record for providing “peace of mind” to thousands of satisfied customers over many decades – a company with little risk of dissatisfaction.
  • Offers value in the future for continuing customers.

If items from this list constitute value to you, give Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps a call today and allows us to help enhance your burning experience. We firmly believe that life really is better with fire when it’s kept in its proper place and safely managed. We look forward to working with you!