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We Use Paint “N” Peel Masonry Stain Remover

Smoke and soot stains on masonry are stubborn, nearly impossible to ignore, and just plain unsightly. Most homeowners can attest to the fact that cleansers and elbow grease do very little to remove or minimize those frustrating black stains. So, many of us just accept the fact that our fireplaces will forever look worn out and dirty. But you absolutely do not have to live with dirty masonry — Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps uses Paint “N” Peel Masonry Stain Remover, a strong and safe, non-hazardous way to restore the look of your fireplace and chimney.

How Does Paint “N” Peel Masonry Stain Remover Work?

To apply this product, Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps’ technicians clean and prep the stained area, and tape off the surrounding areas (including mantels and trim). We then apply a thick and complete coat of Paint “N” Peel (to a thickness of about 1/8 to 3/16 of an inch). The Paint “N” Peel will need to dry for six to 12 hours, until it becomes a rubbery film that can be pulled off, taking soot and smoke stains with it. Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps’ technicians peel the dried product from the surface to reveal refreshed masonry.

We can use this product on a wide variety of masonry materials, including brick, stone, tile, concrete, marble, slate, limestone, and more. Industry professionals across the country have seen praise-worthy results using this product, and we’re proud to recommend and use it.

What Is The Cause Of Smoke And Soot Stains On Masonry?

A properly-installed and properly-venting fireplace or stove shouldn’t be creating major soot and smoke stains. The fact that these are present most likely indicates an issue with your system.

Some Common Problems

Your fireplace or stove isn’t venting properly.
Carbon is a byproduct of combustion, and if proper draft isn’t pulling the byproducts of the fuel you’re burning up and out of the chimney, it could lead to stains on the face of your fireplace. A variety of issues might be impeding your draft — your flue might be the wrong size for your appliance, the chimney may not be the right height, or there may be obstructions in the flue. Blue Sky technicians can help determine what may be impeding your chimney’s draft and recommend the appropriate repairs.

Your chimney needs to be swept and/or maintained
A flue that’s blocked by thick creosote deposits or debris could be the cause of those smoke stains. If you haven’t had Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps out for a sweeping this year, give us a call — we can check your flue for blockages and clean out creosote or other debris. Gas or oil-burning appliances should also be checked for blockages or other venting system issues if you notice staining.

Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps’ technicians can inspect your individual chimney system and let you know what could be leading to your smoke and soot stains. By addressing the source of the stains first, we can ensure that the restorative results of Paint “N” Peel Masonry Stain Remover are maintained, and that you don’t simply wind up with the same problem one season later.

Don’t feel like you have to live with dingy, dirty masonry! Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps’ technicians can restore the look of your fireplace and chimney with Paint “N” Peel Masonry Stain Remover. Call us or schedule your appointment online!


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