Read on to learn all about pellet stoves

Read on to learn all about pellet stoves

As energy costs rise, many homeowners are searching for alternative ways to heat their homes during the cold winter months. From gas stoves to fireplaces and wood-burning inserts, there are many choices to choose from. Pellet stoves are growing in popularity because they are affordable, require little maintenance and are a sustainable way to heat any home. If you’re interested in learning more about pellet stoves and how they work, here are some common questions consumers ask.

How Does A Pellet Stove Work?

A pellet stove burns compressed wood or “pellets.” These stoves work with your home’s central heating system. By constantly feeding the burn pot with pellets, your home is provided with an ongoing flame that heats most homes thoroughly.

What Are Pellets?

Wood pellets are very common, and typically made of compressed sawdust, sawmilling material or other wood product waste. Leftover logging materials from treetops and branches are also used to create pellets. By compressing these materials, manufacturers are able to create a sustainable product made from leftover material.

Are Pellet Stoves An Economical Way To Heat My Home?

Yes! In fact, the average homeowner can heat their home for less than $900 a heating season. Because pellets are made from recycled material and waste, they are incredibly affordable and provide an economical and safe way to heat most homes.

Are Pellets Environmentally Friendly?

Many homeowners choose to heat their homes with pellet stoves because of the lowered effect it has on the environment. Pellets are made from recycled materials and leftover wood products once thought to be nothing more than waste material. By repurposing these wood products consumers are able to heat their homes from a sustainable material.

Additionally, wood pellets don’t produce as much emissions as fuel. Pellets burn cleaner and for long periods of time, which make them a more efficient way to heat your home, as well as an environmentally friendly heating alternative. In short, pellets are one of the most environmentally friendly ways to heat your home today.

Is It Difficult To Use A Pellet Stove?

No! Another benefit of a pellet stove is its ease of use. After installation, your pellet stove will require little maintenance. Pellets burn easily without fuss, so you won’t have to “tend” to them the same way you do a traditional wood fire. What’s more, when you keep your pellet stove clean, you won’t have to worry about creosote (a harmful substance left behind by wood burning products) because pellets burn cleaner than wood fireplaces.

Benefits Of Pellet Stoves

Easy To Maintain
Clean Burning Wood
Environmentally Friendly

Pellet Stoves are safe, efficient and effective ways to heat most homes. When you consider the environmental benefits as well as the money you’ll save when you switch, it’s difficult not to consider installing a pellet stove in your home for those long winter months.

When you’re ready to switch to an affordable, sustainable and simple heating method for your home be sure to check out pellet stoves. Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps has a full line of pellet stoves, as well as a professional staff ready to answer all your questions about these alternative heating sources.