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When is the BEST time to get your chimney inspected and/or cleaned?

This is a common question, and the common assumption is to call for this service right before you are going to need to use the fireplace or wood stove – in the Fall.   One of the problems when trying to make an appointment, with a premier and well regarded chimney sweep company — in the Fall or Winter — is that you are competing with everyone else who is trying to get ready for “the season”.  Therefore, logically, (even though it goes against our procrastinating human nature) it makes sense that, if one wants more timely service, the sensible thing would be to opt to request the service when the demand is not so great.

Experience (36 years of it) has taught us that there is a definite difference in the number of requests we get in the Spring and Summer and the number we get in the Fall and Winter.  Therefore, we invite (even strongly encourage) our regular, repeat customers to call us at the END of the burning season instead of the beginning of the Winter season.   We would offer this same advice to everyone in the market for chimney inspection or sweeping.  

So…after you are sure you are not going to use your fireplace or woodstove any more for the year, just plan to go ahead and get it inspected and/or swept out.  There are several very good reasons to get it done in the Spring/Summer.  

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Reasons to call in SPRING instead of Fall

  • As already mentioned, a shorter wait time for an appointment
  • After the chimney is swept in the Spring, it will not get dirty again before it’s needed the next Fall/Winter.  It will be guaranteed ready for the cold AND those holiday or special family occasions.
  • Sweeping the creosote deposits from the chimney early may cut down on the bad smell that some folks experience during the summer months.
  • Lots of bad things can happen during the winter to a chimney.  For example:  Winter rains soak into a chimney and if the temperatures drop below freezing, the water in the bricks and mortar joints freezes and expands.  This can cause the brick or mortar joints to break or crack.  When this freeze/thaw action takes place over and over throughout the course of the winter, the damage can compound.  A Spring inspection will detect this kind of damage and you’ll have plenty of time (all Summer) to get things in order before the next Winter cycle begins.

We, here at Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps|Bless Your Hearth, inspect, sweep and repair chimneys all year round, but Spring/Summer is admittedly a better time to do major repairs.  So accept our invitation to call us after you complete your last fire for this winter.  We will be pleased to get your chimney ready early for next year’s burning season.

Are You Including a Chimney Sweep In Your Spring Cleaning?

Spring is a great time to schedule a chimney sweep and inspection!

Spring is a great time to schedule a chimney sweep and inspection!

Winter is releasing its grip and spring is starting to roll into many parts of the US. Many homeowners are relieved to have the harsh winter weather behind them and are looking forward to tackling some spring-cleaning projects that may have accumulated during the snowfall. When you’re making your spring cleaning to-do list, don’t forget about the wood-burning heating appliances you’ve used all winter long.

Chimney sweeping should be an important part of your spring cleaning checklist, because if you use your fireplace or woodstove to heat your home during the winter, it has likely built up some ash, soot and other particles that should be cleaned out. A professional chimney sweeping company like Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps in Upstate South Carolina can assist in an expert chimney sweep.

What Is The Chimney Sweeping Process?

The chimney sweeping process involves a chimney expert coming into your home and cleaning out the ash and shoot from your fireplace. In addition to this, a thorough chimney sweep will also include a full clean-out of the inside of your chimney. A top-to-bottom cleaning will ensure that no dirt, soot and debris are left inside your chimney after a long winter of use.

Winter Chimney Damage

If you’ve used your chimney all winter, you’ve had the damper and/or the chimney cap open, which can allow rain and snow to enter into your chimney and cause potential damage. Having a professional clean out the mess can make sure your chimney is dry so when you cap it during the spring and summer months there is no moisture trapped inside and damaging your chimney.

In addition to moisture, fallen sticks, leaves and other debris can gather in your chimney during winter. Birds and small animals can enter your chimney and build nests and create quite a mess. A thorough chimney sweeping will eliminate all dirt and debris so your chimney is clean and dry and ready to go next winter.


Another potential danger to your chimney after a long winter of burning fires is creosote. Creosote is a harmful chemical that can build up along the walls of your chimney after many fires have been burned. A chimney sweeping will remove creosote and all other soot and ash so your chimney is not only clean, but also safe.

What To Look For In A Chimney Sweep

You should never attempt a chimney sweeping on your own, but rather invest in a professional company with the experience and the tools to get the job done thoroughly and safely. The Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends every homeowner find a CSIA Certified company that:

  • Carries insurance
  • Can provide references
  • Has years of experience in the field of chimney inspection and maintenance

A reputable company, like Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps, that is CSIA certified will come to your home and thoroughly clean your fireplace and chimney. There is a lot of spring cleaning to tackle in every home – let the professionals help sweep your chimney so you can check it off your to-do list.