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Don’t Ignore Your Dryer Vents!

Lint in Dryer Vent - Greenville SC - Blue Sky Chimney

Over time, lint can build up in your dryer vents creating a fire hazard.

Clothes dryers were the cause of 92% of household fires reported in the United States. The root cause of those fires was classified as “failure to clean” as listed on John R. Hall, Jr’s report for the National Fire Protection Association. Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps provides the comprehensive dryer vent cleaning that you need to avoid being included in these fire statistics.

Many homeowners think that diligently cleaning the lint filter after using the dryer is all the preventative maintenance they need to avoid a fire risk. While it certainly helps, it is not enough. Depending on how much use your dryer gets, a thorough cleaning by a trained professional (who has the correct professional equipment to clean and clear the entire venting) should be done at a minimum of once a year.

Did you know that your dryer venting can develop leaks and cracks that cause those toxic heating gasses to seep back into your home and impair your health and safety? Today’s homes are constructed more air tight than ever and therefore fumes and gasses aren’t able to travel outside when your vent is not properly functioning. Furthermore, the buildup of lint, debris, fabric, and dirt can be highly combustible. No one likes to think about it, but dryer venting also attracts birds, insects and small animals who will nest inside. Their excrement can accumulate and cause health and fire hazards. In addition, sometimes the animals get trapped inside and die and decompose in your venting, which also presents a fire hazard.

The Homeadvisor website lists these signs that your dryer venting is overdue to be professionally cleaned:

• Clothing comes out of the dryer much hotter than normal
• The drying cycle takes longer, or clothes are damp after a normal cycle
• The laundry room feels much hotter than normal
• The lint filter fills up quickly or appears unusual
• Utility bills rise without an explanation
• Clothes from the dryer take on a musty smell
• Dryer sheets smell odd or break down more than usual during the cycle

Rather than doing the cleaning yourself, Homeadvisor cautions, “(not hiring a professional) can be a time consuming process, and it is not always effective. A better idea may be to call a professional. Rather than just calling a handyman, it is worth looking for a dryer exhaust technician that is certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America. These professionals are familiar with the biggest fire risks and can help you prevent clogs as well as eliminate any existing ones. On average, a professional dryer vent cleaning will cost anywhere from $90 to $160, depending on the severity of the clog.”

Furthermore, professional cleaning companies have the equipment necessary to not only remove the unwanted contents of your dryer venting, but also contain it until it can be disposed of properly.

Proper cleaning of your dryer vents also improves the performance of your clothes dryer as well and its longevity. An additional benefit of having clear dryer venting is a reduction in operational costs and can be reflected in your utility bills.
Now is the perfect time to call Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps to schedule an appointment to clean your dryer vents as well as your chimney. Contact us today!

Dryer Vent Safety

It’s very important to keep up with dryer vent cleaning, as the built up lint is a fire hazard that endangers your house and everyone in it. Call Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps to schedule an inspection and cleaning of your dryer vents to help you maintain a safer and more efficient dryer.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please give us a call! We look forward to providing you with a lifetime of high-quality, professional services!

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please give us a call! We look forward to providing you with a lifetime of high-quality, professional services!