A chimney swift may sound like a nickname for your local chimney sweeper but the chimney swift is actually a bird indigenous to Canada and other parts of North America. During the warmer months, chimney swifts will migrate to warmer parts of the US, including South Carolina. Many of these birds choose to make their homes in residential chimneys. This is not only bad for the integrity of your chimney, it is also quite dangerous for these beautiful birds.

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Chimney Swifts Inside Your Chimney

Chimney swifts love the inside of chimneys because the stone and masonry provides the perfect texture for these birds to cling to and make their nests. If you use your chimney all winter you may have a build up of creosote on the inside walls of your chimney, which can ignite and wreak havoc on your chimney, as well as the nests of chimney swifts. Some homeowners prefer to have chimney swifts live in their chimneys because these birds will eat an abundance of insects and pests all season long.

Preventing Chimney Swifts

Most homeowners would prefer to not have these birds live in their chimneys at all. If this true for you, then a new chimney cap will prevent these birds from flying inside your chimney to make a home. Whether you’re a chimney swift advocate or not, simple chimney cleaning and maintenance will keep chimney swifts safe, inside or outside of your chimney. Having your chimney capped will also prevent water from entering your chimney as well as twigs, sticks and other debris. A capped chimney is a clean chimney. In addition to having your chimney capped, you want to make sure the damper is operating correctly, and that it is closed when the chimney is not in use. A little prevention goes a long way in protecting your chimney and keeping chimney swifts safe.

Protection Of Chimney Swifts

The Chimney Swift Conservation Association is passionate about promoting education regarding these beautiful birds. The chimney swift is protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and they should be handled with respect and care. Once a chimney swift nests, it is illegal to remove it. So if it nests in your chimney, you will then have to wait until the bird leaves on its own. Proper handling and rehabilitation of these birds is of the utmost importance to ensure they continue to thrive in North America. Whether you choose to let chimney swifts in your chimney or would prefer they made a home elsewhere, there are humane ways of handling both. In most cases, a simple cleaning of your chimney can properly house these birds, and making sure your chimney is capped will humanely protect them from entering your chimney

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